Background literature

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Farm sustainability evaluations

The IDEA method (Sustainability indicators of farms) [[1]]

Integrate sustainability indicators into French National Accountancy data (Jo Cadilhon) [[2]]

Website to look for French MSc and PhD theses using farming systems framework [[3]] Search for ‘système agraire’ and tick Paris Claude Bernard

Another interesting project/publication – RISE, a sustainability evaluation of farming systems. Very simple, only based on questionnaire and indicator scoring. Might give some ideas however. Something like that should be our first step [[4]]

REVALTER project on transitions for Vietnamese livestock.


Papers by Santiago Lopez-Ridaura (now CIMMYT) on MIMESA framework File:Lopez-Ridaura_2002_EcolInd.pdf File:Lopez-Ridaura_2005_EnvDevSust.pdfFile:Lopez-Ridaura_2005_IntJSustDevWorldEcol.pdf

Integrated modeling appraoches

LUCIA: Land Use Change Impact Assessment

[[6]] [[7]]

InVEST: Integrated Evaluation of Environmental Services and Tradeoffs

Livestock and environmental impact - land, soils, GHG

FAO's latest report on tackling CC through livestock File:tacklingCC_LS.pdf

FAO's LCAs File:GHGemissions_ruminant supply chain.pdf

File:Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Dairy.pdf

Rosenstock et al., 2003, Environmental Research Letters - SAMPLES File:rosenstock_protocol GHGs.pdf

FAO's ex-ante C-balance tool: [[8]]

Interesting report from WUR – with participation of Imke de Boer. Targeted towards Dutch dairy farms, but there might be lessons for us in it. [[9]]

Hristov, A.N., Oh, J., Lee, C., Meinen, R., Montes, F., Ott, T., Firkins, J., Rotz, A., Dell, C., Adesogan, A., Yang, W., Tricarico, J., Kebreab, E., Waghorn, G., Dijkstra, J. & Oosting, S. 2013. Mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions in livestock production – A review of technical options for non-CO2emissions. Edited by Pierre J. Gerber, Benjamin Henderson and Harinder P.S. Makkar. FAO Animal Production and Health Paper No. 177. FAO, Rome, Italy. URL: [[10]]

Smith et al., 2013, World Bank Study File:Smith_WB feed investment study.pdf

Typologies and livestock system classifications

Sere & Steinfeld, 1995, FAO File:FAO_WorldLivestockProdSyst.pdf

Solano & Herrero, 2000, Agricultural Systems File:Solano_2000_AgSyst.pdf

Baltenweck et al., 2003, SLP File:Transregional Analysis of Crop Livestock Systems.pdf

We have a Google-Docs where we keep lots of interesting reading material: